What could be the most impressive thing to watch about bodybuilders?

Yes, it is the 'Biceps'! The shape and size of their biceps are visibly very attractive and that’s what most men want on their own body. And to build strong and huge biceps, many bodybuilders spend hours and hours in the gym for intensive training.

But one question would arise in the mind of the beginners, What are biceps and how to build strong biceps? And the answers are right here.

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What are Biceps?


In human anatomy, biceps are known as biceps brachii. They are a group of muscles on the front of the upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder.

There are two heads - short head or outer biceps and long head or inner biceps.

They are responsible for hand functions like flexing the elbow or rotating the forearm.

At each end of both heads, there are connective tissues which are called tendons that connect the muscles to bone.

While doing training for your biceps, you need to get all its muscles to get pumped in order to increase your biceps size.

The Best Biceps Exercises

Here I am showing 4 best biceps exercise gaining stronger and bigger biceps. These exercises not only help you to get bigger biceps but will help you to maintain its shape.

Exercise 1: Barbell Curl

barbell curlsBarbell curl can be called as the key for building bigger biceps. During this exercise, you should only move your biceps while moving the weight, your body should remain straight.

How To Perform This Exercise

Hold the barbell with both hands in a position that your palm comes underneath the bar.

Keep your body straight, arms in a fully extended position, and don't touch the barbell with the body.

Slowly curl the barbell towards the chest and slip your elbow slightly at the sides.

Hold for a moment, squeeze the biceps, and then slowly lower down the barbell at the starting position and keep your arm fully stretched.

Keep control of your weights while performing the sets. Do its repetitions as much as you can.

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Exercise 2: Chin-ups

chin-up-exercise-manChin-ups are a bit difficult exercise but it can help to strengthen the muscles of your arms, especially for the biceps. To perform chin-ups, you will need a static horizontal bar.

How To Perform This Exercise

Grasp a bar with both hands with the palms facing toward you. Your hands should be away from your ears.

Cross your legs and pull your body up until your chin is higher than the bar.

When you are up, pause for a second and slowly lower down the body to the starting position.

Start slowly and speed up the repetitions if you want to. But build up a good strength and position before you speed up.

Exercise 3: Incline Dumbbell Curl

incline dumbbell curlThe Incline Dumbbell Curl exercise helps to increase the strength and size of the biceps. The incline angle creates a more stretch on lower biceps muscles.

How To Perform This Exercise

Sit on an incline bench with your back resting on the back of the bench.

Hold dumbbells in both hands and keep your hands on the sides.

Curl your hands to the shoulders, one-by-one. Bend your elbow completely. When you curl, turn your wrist in a way the palm faces your shoulders.

Hold the position for a moment. Slowly lower down the hands back to the starting position. Do its repetitions as much as you can.

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Exercise 4: Hammer Curls

dumbbell-hammer-curlThe hammer curl exercise helps you to develop the brachialis and thus increase the size of biceps. It also improves the overall strength of the arm.

How To Perform This Exercise

Stand straight and hold dumbbells in both hands at the side of the body and palm facing towards your body. Keep your arms straight.

Curl both dumbbells at a time, up to the shoulder - just like you do regular dumbbell curl.

Hold for a moment, squeeze the biceps, and slowly lower down the dumbbells to the starting position.

Do the movement slowly. Do not move your upper arm during this movement.

Do its repetitions as long as you can.

Few Biceps Training Tips

1. Avoid Overtraining The Biceps

If you are thinking that doing biceps exercise daily and for a longer duration, will give you bigger biceps soon then you are really making a mistake.

To make the muscles strong, resting time is equally important. Because your muscles get tired during the workout and the rest-time helps them to recover from fatigue. It improves the strength of muscles. Training for a long time can also an injury.

You should have a biceps exercise session of 15-30 minutes, twice a week, non-consecutive days. When your not performing biceps exercises you should do exercise for other body parts.

2. Aim For Size And Shape Will Follow

You need to train the biceps in the right way to get actual size and shape you want. But before that, you should mark your limit on how big you want.

Few things to keep in mind while doing these exercises. Avoid the swing, Do not curl your wrist, Motion in full range, Keep the movement slow, Squeeze the biceps muscles, Keep control on your repetitions.

Following these important points, you will be able to get the size and shape of your wish.

3. Keep Form Strict

When you lift the weight, you should lift it with proper posture. Keeping the strict form will help you to avoid any injury during the workout and will gain proper muscle strength.

Keep control while lifting and lowering the weights. Don't be quick. Take rest between the sets.

Use the weight as much as your body can afford. Do not stretch your body to lift more than its ability.

4. Train Biceps Independently

Spare a day only for your biceps training to keep the total focus on the biceps. Make each session count. Work hard as much as you can. But don't overdo it.

And in a few months, you'll be gaining that strength and size of biceps.

5. Warm-Up Properly

Before starting any exercise warm-up is important. Because it helps muscles pump up and to work well during workouts.

Start your warm-up with some stretching to start your muscles moving. Warm-up takes a few minutes and provides many benefits in your workout.

It helps to supply proper oxygen to the body during the workout and prevent the risk of tearing of muscles.

Should you invest your time in these exercises?

So the best advice we can give is to start up slowly and steadily. Here we have listed the short and simple exercises you can do biceps training with some basic movements to get the desired results.

It is a normal intensity biceps training to get stronger and bigger biceps without any overtraining. For beginners, it is advisable to do training once a week after that you go further.

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