Fish oil usually contains two types of Omega-3 fatty acids-DHA and EPA. It plays many important roles in your body, including those supporting inflammation, immunity, heart health, and brain function.

Consuming fish oil can help your brain remain functional, and its functions balanced. The human brain contains large amounts of fat, which are required for proper functioning.

Many fish oil supplements contain fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin D that support omega-3 fats to boost body health. There are several forms of fish oil supplements, including capsules, softgels, liquids, and gummies. We have selected our tested and best omega-3 fish oil supplement below.

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List of Top 5 (Omega 3) Fish Oil Supplements

1 - Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement by BioSchwartz

Ultra-Pure Fish Oil Omega 3 is extracted using a proprietary method that concentrates the value of Omega-3's for enhanced absorption and superior bioavailability.

Premium Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil is formulated by doctors and manufactured in the USA following strict GMP guidelines.

This is one of the best omega-3 fish oil supplement I have ever tried. 

  • Support and maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Guaranteeing purity and quality
  • a bit of a fishy aftertaste
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2 - Omega 3 Supplements by Viva Naturals

Viva Naturals Omega 3 Supplements provides a 2,200 mg of pure EPA fish oil, with 1,400 mg of EPA, and 480 mg of DHA.

Each batch certified for purity by the International Fish Oil Standards Program, and highly ranked by Labdoor for premium quality.

It’s light, ultra-clean, and easy to swallow, making it a simple and convenient way to get your daily dose of heart and brain-loving omega-3s.

Viva Naturals
  • Omega 3 fish oil supplement of exceptional quality and potency.
  • Help keep your heart healthy, healthy eyes.
  • Supply your brain with essential fatty acids EPA DHA.
  • May cause aftertaste or burps.
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3 - Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement by Coromega

Coromega Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement is fully purified and ultra-refined through the process of molecular distillation, which removes unwanted levels of carcinogenic and environmental contaminants.

With our unique emulsification formula, you enjoy a three times more efficient absorption rate than traditional pills, and each packet contains 650 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil

  • A reliable source of DHA and EPA.
  • Easy to use squeeze packet
  • No artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Not a pleasant taste
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4 - Omega 3 Fish Oil by Arazo Nutrition

Arazo Omega 3 Fish Oil is the most ULTRA PURE, POTENT, and EFFECTIVE fish oil supplement on the market.

It contains higher EPA and DHA levels than other brands with a total of 2,250mg Omega 3 Fatty Acid content which could make it the best omega-3 fish oil supplement for many people.

Purified with molecular distillation at minimal temperatures to remove all heavy metals, mercury, PCB's and other toxins.

Arazo Nutrition Product
  • Odorless and burpless.
  • High levels of EPA and DHA fatty acid content.
  • Melt together at high temperatures.
  • Need to take three capsule at a time.
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SmarterVitamins Fish oil supports the health of the heart, brain health, health of joints, mood & mental state, skin & hair.

High in DHA & EPA, AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates are 100% sourced from Wild Alaska Pollock from the Bering Sea.

  • Contain pure Alaskan Fish Oil.
  • Burpless and taste of strawberry.
  • Not chewable.
  • Capsules are very large.
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What is Fish Oil and Fish Oil Supplements?

fish oil food sources

Fish oil is extracted from the fatty tissues of several fish species, including salmon, cod, and other fatty fish. The main active ingredient in fish oil is omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for your health. 

Omega 3 vitamins are essential for many functions in the body.

DHA and EPA are the two most important of the omega-3 fatty acids. If you eat a lot of fish in your diet, you may get enough fatty acids already.

If you don’t eat fish or you need additional omega-3’s benefits in your diet, you should consider taking a fish oil supplement and you already have a list of the best omega-3 fish oil supplements already.

Fish oil supplements are pills or capsules that you can take to increase essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6. Fish oil supplements offer the same health benefits as the essential fatty acids found in foods.

What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil?


Improving Heart Health

Fish oil supplements may reduce some of the risks associated with heart disease that include:

  • Increase levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. (1)
  • Lower triglycerides by about 15–30%. (2)
  • Helps reduce blood pressure with elevated levels. (3)
  • Prevent the arterial plaques. (4)
  • Reduce fatal arrhythmia events. (5)

Treating Mental Disorders

Omega-3 is essential for normal brain function. Fish oil supplements can improve the symptoms of some mental disorders. It can reduce the chances of psychotic disorders in those who are at risk. It can also prevent the onset of certain mental conditions. (6)

May Aid Weight Loss

Some studies show that the best fish oil supplements, in combination with diet or exercise, can help you lose weight. Fish oil supplements may help reduce waist circumference, as well as aid weight loss when combined with diet or exercise. (7)

May Reduce Inflammation

Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that may help treat conditions involving chronic inflammation which causes painful joints. Fish oil supplements can significantly reduce joint pain and stiffness. (8)

Support Healthy Skin and Eye

There are a number of skin disorders that may benefit from the best fish oil supplements. A study shows that consuming a high amount of fish oil for about 19 weeks improved vision in all AMD (age-related macular degeneration) patients. (9)

Other Potential Benefits:

  • Fetus' early growth and development.
  • Improve liver function and inflammation
  • May improve symptoms of depression
  • Reduce hyperactivity and behavioral disorders in children.
  • Reduce the risk of childhood asthma and allergies.
  • Could help prevent bone disease.

Who Can Benefit from Fish Oil?


The majority groups of people that can benefit the most from fish oil are:

Any Men and Women - Both genders of all ages can have great benefit from fish oil supplements.

Vegetarians and Vegans - Fish oil is also derived from other than fish products, such as chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, and soybeans.

Strange but true!

Athletes - Fish oil supplements help strengthen and protect joints, and aid in fat loss for Weightlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

Are There Any Side Effects of Fish Oil Supplements?

Most people will not experience any side effects from fish oil supplements, still, some minor side effects may notice:

Aftertaste - Few people had noticed an unpleasant aftertaste after taking fish oil supplements. This can be avoided by taking supplements with meals.

Also, you can freeze the supplements to slow their release and further preventing this side effect.

Upset stomach - A slight upset stomach can occur if the supplements are taken on an empty stomach. So it is more preferable to take fish oil supplements during mealtime or immediately after having a meal.

Also, it is advisable to take any supplements after consulting a doctor.

How To Select a Good Fish Oil Supplement?

Ingredients - The first thing to look at is the ingredients found in the products such as quantity and quality of fish oil or any additives or fillers.

EPA/DHA content - Check the specific content of EPA and DHA.

Brand - Also check that the brand of the supplement, whether the brand is popular or reputed. You can check the reviews of the fish oil in order to know about the good brand. The best omega-3 fish oil supplement will always have good reviews.

Price - Pricing is one of the important factors to look at while purchasing any supplements. Compare prices on a per-day price for the best results.

Convenience factor – Many supplements will require several doses throughout the day. So check the serving size and dosage recommendations when choosing a product.

Is buying the Fish Oil Supplement worth it?

Fish oil contributes to normal brain and eye development. They fight inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function. Fish oil supplements are also a good alternative for those who don’t eat fish.

There are many types of fish oil supplements, each from a different source and with distinct combinations of ingredients. For the best results, select a fish oil supplement that works for you and takes it alongside a healthy, balanced diet to maximize its benefits.

Also, check out our other beneficial guides of other supplements. You are free to ask any questions in case if we missed out on any point and let us know your feedback.

Our #1 Recommendation

Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

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